My Story coping with disability and illness.

Hello, The reason for this website is to keep me occupied and earning when my disabilities make me unable to do anything else.person ill on sofa holding hot water bottle to stomach

So each post added is when I’m sitting inside unable to go for a walk or do anything else.

I have had dozens of different jobs over my lifetime, being very quick to change them when I had had enough or found something better.
The longest Job I had was a coal miner working underground I loved this job working with some great people it could be very hard work always dirty and sometimes very wet and frustrating and in hindsight, maybe 20 years in an office would have left me in better health. That life did not appeal to me.tough jobs cause disability coal miner dirty black coal dust face sitting and smiling

I have had to find work or self-employment that suited my inconsistent health, and still look every day for new things to supplement my income. With various health issues, Severe Arthritis, Kidney Failure, I have had to find ways of making money which I can do and enjoy. (if I don’t enjoy it I will not be doing it for long).My life’s ups and downs have made me live for today and go on holidays and do things when I can because there are lots of times when I cannot.campervan parked by a beach and palm trees ,on holiday

We all have to make adjustments to suit our circumstances, I have done shift work without any problems but knew people who really could not cope with working at night and sleeping during the day.carer pushing patient with disability in a wheelchair People may have care responsibilities at home looking after parents or children, siblings and all sorts of issues, we have to work around.mother with baby in pushchair, unable to work
When my arthritis was very bad, I found myself redundant and one of the options I had was travelling to Spain and living in the heat, I gave it a try and found that because of the heat and the lack of damp that my arthritis was lots better and I was able to manage a gardening Job.

I subsequently found out that the area I moved to was in the world health authorities top ten healthiest area for people to live. It has two large salt lakes which suck out the moisture from the air leaving very little damp, Its in southern Spain so combined with the hot weather and the Mediterranean diet it is supposed to be healthy and I found that it was excellent.

It is still a place I go on holiday because I always feel lots better. Now I can not spend time in the sun without covering up because the anti-rejection drugs lose their effect!.
The locals would marvel at the holidaymakers who started walking better without walking sticks within a few days of arrival.image of a beach with umbrellas set up and people on holiday sunny spain

This has been my work life cycle when my health is good I do what I can and adjust when my health gets worse. I’m very lucky that I love to work I get a real buzz doing things and I still get a buzz when I’m doing a lot less but bringing money in.

I think the key is thinking outside the box, nobody knows you and your pain and abilities like you, and having the desire to adapt can bring you great reward,
For anyone who has a health condition this comes as natural because like me you have to think forward I can’t commit to going to a concert without knowing that I will have a seat because of not being able to stand in one place for over 20 minutes as I get terrible back pain. You know you will need snacks if you are diabetic, you just need to visualise what you will need beforehand and plan for it all.

A word of warning! lots of things that I have tried to do I found that when it came to it I just was not up to the work. When this happens try not to be disheartened dust yourself off and try again.
the advantage of this is I don’t think I have ever had a time when I was bored, I’m always looking, and thinking how could I do that.
Your physicality may change for better or worse so I believe you need to learn new skills to enable you not to rely on a physical job. I never thought of myself as a writer certainly not a speller but its another skill I will have to learn.
I really hope this site gives you ideas, inspiration and help, please let me know your thoughts and your ideas and experiences.,

Do not consider hiring a Disabled person until you have read this.

There are many articles written about hiring disabled workers but almost all are written by government agencies whose interests are to get disabled people into work.

I thought it was time that an article was written by an actual employer who has used disabled workers. The following is my experiences and Benefits of hiring disabled person.

Lady cleaning window

I was the manager of a contract cleaning company which had the contract to clean a large supermarket chain. My supermarket was in a working town but was located in an area with large houses, in the better part of town. A lot of these houses were owned by professional people many who worked long hours and had their own gardeners cleaners etc.

I was restricted to what I could pay the cleaners because the contract had to earn a profit, and no other financial incentives were available to me.

From the start of my contract, it was apparent that there was a problem hiring and retaining staff. Peopl could work locally in the large houses for better pay.

I had a constant struggle to find good staff and used many forms of advertising from local notice boards,word of mouth and newspaper adds.

man reading newspaper

Any time I had staff leave. I had to train the new staff, and guide them through the safety aspects of cleaning a working bakery and butchers.

It was a few months into my contract that I was approached by a Lady from a government trust to see if I could offer employment to a young man with learning difficulties.

My background is in industrial engineering and coal mining, when these industrys closed I found myself in my current position after doing similar work on a working holiday.

children cleaning

 I had any no experience at all in working with disabled people apart from some of the old guys in the stores at work who had been injured, these guys had a bad leg or a physical injury, I had dealt with no one with learning disabilities.

I was hesitant to say yes until I had more information and I needed to check with my employer that our insurance was covered etc. I Also spoke to Anne (the lady from the trust) about My ability to train and support this young man.

I was told by my employer that it was my decision and Anne assured me that she would be there to help if any issues arose.

 I was introduced to Simon at a later meeting. Simon had been working on these types of trials for a few years, the employer (me ) got  4 weeks wages fully paid, then 4 weeks at 60% then 4 weeks at 30%. The deficit was paid by the trust direct to Simon so he always got paid the full amount.

I found out that when you explained the work, Simon could not always take it in, I had to take him to the area we were discussing and show him what to do. Actually, go through the work, and when checking his work if I found errors go through the same process again.

It is a fact that 80% of things visually shown are retained compared to 20% of knowledge retained when verbally explained. This had to be repeated every so often, so it would stick. This was a process that I usually did with new employees and now I started to use it every time and instructed my supervisors to teach this way also. The results were impressive especialy with my non-disabled staff.

Simon was always on time and he used to come by bicycle in all weathers, he never rang in sick once. My other younger employees would be calling in sick or missing shifts whenever they went out drinking and letting the rest of the team down.

man loading laundry

Gradually Simon learn’t more skilled jobs, I used him more and more because he was so reliable and enthusiastic. In the past he had been used a few times under this scheme for a few months of reduced wages by unscrupulous employers who never offered him a job at the end of the scheme. I found him to be one of the most reliable members of staff who was well-liked by everyone.

Based on my experience with Simon I would not hesitate in considering hiring more disabled workers. Because the trial period was three months long I had plenty of time to evaluate the work done and timekeeping etc.

cloth and bucket

I was approached by Anne to accept another guy a professional gentleman suffering from a Nervous breakdown and wanted to get back into the work environment. This guy needed to work closely with another employee to boost his confidence. He was another great timekeeper but was not confident enough to walk the shop floor by himself. I could not keep two people on the same job and pay both but I agreed that he could continue to come in every day as it was building his confidence. Anne was happy as he was making lots of progress.

man cleaning car

One of the first things that was noticed was from my area manager my wage bill was reduced! and running with more profit, where most other sites were running at a loss, and historically my site was a difficult one to recruit for. When I explained how I achieved this the area managers were very impressed and asked me to speak to other managers about how I had used different ideas to reduce my staffing problem. I had also reduced my materials cost and renewed a lot of my equipment by out of the box thinking.

In conclusion, based on my personal experience, I would not hesitate to employ another disabled person. They are well aware of their limitations and other peoples prejudices and in my experience work harder and are more reliable to compensate for this. Everyone should be assessed on an individual basis not everyone will be suitable for every job but keeping an open mind can deliver astonishing results.

Simon secured himself a Job with one of my colleagues in the supermarket which enabled him to get on the pension scheme and secure his future.

Please do not hesitate to leave comments or to ask questions.

Selling books and magazines on ebay

Selling books and magazines on eBay
I have an Amazon sellers account which is great but I find that it’s not the best for selling large books or magazines so the Marketplace I use for selling books and magazines is EBay, mainly because the amount of postage Amazon allow you is not enough when you have a large heavy book.
ebay logo

When you find magazines for sale they don’t seem to be listed, or searched for on the Amazon site, so I find it a lot easier to list them on eBay.
You will find your books in the usual way as outlined in my Amazon book sales article from library sales, car boot sales, garage sales and charity or thrift shops, but also have a look at house clearance people they usually buy the whole house contents from people and sometimes cannot or do not want the bother of selling the books. Call them up go to their workplace. I found one guy who had a complete warehouse full of books he did not know what to do with,

Magazine sets are usually advertised on eBay, or anywhere you may find books, I have bought three large boxes of 40-year-old steam engine magazine that were being sold because the owner was moving home, I paid less than a dollar, also people sell large amounts when someone in the family has died, just keep checking out the classifieds.moving boxes

Most magazines are sold singularly on eBay and by searching you can find out the usual price of similar items. I sold the steam engine magazine for 3.99 each with free postage which worked out to be around 90c so nearly 3 dollars profit on each magazine.

Be careful and be aware, if you have lots of these listed on eBay and they don’t sell fast your eBay fees can very quickly get very high, in these cases it may be prudent to list the magazines in bulk in lots of 10 or a whole year 12 months packages, then you can sell 12 for the same listing price as for one.

I have also had boxes of magazines that did not sell very well, some specific car magazines, I gave away to a local car club.

When advertising on eBay, you get lots of free photographs. Take GOOD QUALITY pictures of the front cover and some of the better articles inside,
list these magazines with the magazine name and the date it was published, some people like the magazine of the month they were born or if it has a feature on a particular subject.

There are companies selling complete newspapers for every day of the year, going back years so you can get the headlines on the day you were born.

Recently for a 50-year-old birthday, I made a book of the newspaper headlines from every ten years of their life with the prices of cars houses shopping and beverages. It was interesting to see the rise in prices over the years. It was an excellent original present and was well received.

Once the magazines have been listed store them in a dry place in date order this makes it easy to find when your order comes through. then you have to find it place it in a padded envelope and send it to your customer.
padded envelopes

I like to sell oversize books on eBay because you can specify your postage charge on each individual item.
Its very time consuming to weigh and measure for the postage charge so make sure you put enough postage charge on the listing. I have found that if you incorporate the postage charge into the price and offer free delivery they seem to sell better.
post box

If you find that postal charge seems excessive remember to have in place alternative ways to send your goods such as a courier service.
I find the courier much more competitive price-wise with heavier items make sure they are packed well they can get some abuse on the journey.

When selling books on eBay I look for similar items to set my price against or use the Amazon used book price. keep an eye on ebays listing charges it may be prudent to go into a higher listing plan when you start to get lots of stock as it can work out cheaper.

Both Amazon and eBay are difficult to get in touch with if you have a problem .but if you describe your items honestly and if in doubt say it’s of lower quality so as not to disappoint your customers,.and send the orders out promptly you should have few problems.

Remember books can be heavy when you get a few, so if you’re on a buying trip take some kind of trolley on wheels to make the books easier to transport.

The clever thing about selling Magazines and books on EBay is when your in good health and your book is listed your just waiting for the order, even on your bad days the most you will have to do is find the book and post it, or have someone post it for you, if you feel you may be out of action for some time a few clicks will unlist your complete books until you turn them back on again.

You will need a PayPal account for accepting your payments and the payments are usually in your account as soon as the customer buys the mags or books.
I hope you have gained some insight from this article if you have any questions or suggestions please get in contact through the contact page and I will try and answer everyone.

Start a Business on a Shoestring Budget

A business of any kind is a huge undertaking for anyone, especially someone with a handicap or disability whatever that may be. If you are a stay at home mom or have to care for someone and are looking to start a business on the side.
Here are some ideas to reduce costs and Start a Business on a Shoestring Budget.

For me a major stumbling block to starting a business is getting the idea It has to be something I can manage, I don’t want to be standing around all day in the cold weather.
winter market worker

The next obstacle is getting the money to buy your equipment and pay for training etc, Here are a few ways to reduce costs so you can start a business on a shoestring budget.
used work tools

Whatever equipment you need you do not have to buy new! if you can borrow, hire or trade you can usually find a way to get your equipment. When I started my gardening business I could not afford a petrol mower so I borrowed neighbours on the understanding that I cut his front and back lawn.

After a couple of months, he said (keep the mower it’s yours)he loved the idea that he would not ever have to cut his grass again, and he became a customer.

We started borrowing tools, then bought secondhand when we needed them, asking gardeners for any old equipment.

Picking used equipment up from car boot sales and online auctions etc.
assorted tools

An inventive way I have used a few times is to approach someone in the same business and offer them a couple of free days work. This is beneficial because I get on the job supervised training and they get two days of free labour.

A couple of things to remember are,
Do not ask people who work near to your location who are likely to be your competitors they will not take kindly to losing work to you.
Turn up on time.
Always be polite.
let him deal with his customers.

When I started carpet cleaning I contacted a one-man operation over 50 miles away,
I asked if I could work with him, he was reluctant at first but I persuaded him by telling him to arrange it when he had a big day of work on and he could use my labour to his advantage.

carpet being cleaned

We arranged a time I turned up early and over coffee we chatted, I asked him questions about the job that I needed to know, We had a great day working together and he was very forthcoming with his knowledge (people like to talk about themselves).
He told me how he advertises and gets all his bookings, little tricks of the trade and ways to make sure you don’t over promise the outcome of a clean.

This advice was invaluable.
When we finished and got back to base he was showing me his equipment and I was asking a question (which equipment I needed etc) He then offered me some of his old equipment at a fantastic knockdown price.

This type of experience takes years to get and it gave me a great head start more valuable than some of the paid courses I went on.This is precicly the out of the box thinking you nedd to use to Start a business on a shoestring budget.

I did a similar thing again.
I have an old classic car that needed lots of welding I got a welder in for a quote for the job and it was too expensive, far beyond my budget I had to decline.

A few months later I decided I would try and learn to weld and do it myself, I looked around and could not find any welding courses in my area the little I learned online was just not enough.


I turned up at the welder’s shop of the guy that gave me the quote to have a look around and he was very busy preparing cars for resprays.
I asked him if I could work two days a week for free doing anything he wanted (it was mostly sanding down car bodies) in exchange that whenever he was welding I could look at what he was doing and he would teach me how to weld.It was a great deal for him and I got my free welding training.
I worked there for a few months and to be honest I learned to weld from the guy in the shop next door. But it was a win-win situation he got cars prepared double quick and I got my welding education.

A great way to get equipment is to find someone who repairs equipment they often have extras they are willing to sell for knockdown prices or learn how to repair it yourself.

I bought an old carpet cleaning machine that was broken and with help videos off the internet, I managed to get it working.
I cleaned it up and repaired the faults and saved myself lots of money.

Many professions or trades have online forums that you can join for free and ask questions. You are getting answers from experienced traders.
Join as many as you can (knowledge is power), these places are great for getting bargains and finding ways to make money. I found out that the carpet cleaning vacuum hoses are very expensive to buy can be substituted with swimming pool vacuum hose at a 1/4 of the price.

Any paperwork you need copying can be done in office supply stores,
With a little imagination and a few clever ideas, you can keep your costs down and start a business on a shoestring budget.
IF you have any further ideas or any suggestions or questions please get in touch through the contact form

14 Hobbies that you can turn into a Business

There is a saying. If you love your job you do not work a day in your life.

What a great saying and how true it is, from the fishing guide that takes people out marlin or bass fishing to the nature photographer.Lots of people have started with Hobbies that can turn into a business.

Many people in what I would call normal jobs also love their jobs.
So what a great idea to turn your hobby, what you enjoy doing ! into a business where you can earn money and supplement your income.
The first hobby that comes to mind would becandles

The basic start-up costs are not too expensive and the range of colours and odours you can make are limitless.
I don’t know anyone male or female that does not like the flicker of candlelight they are great presents and therefore can be great gifts to sell at local craft fairs or online in places like,or EBay

It can be done in the kitchen at home, as long as you are aware of the dangers of hot wax and any fire precautions.
soap making

Again is inexpensive to set up and you produce a product that everybody uses and likes to receive as a gift, There are some beautiful soaps out there infused with herbs and customised in all sorts of ways.
With any products like this, you have to present them in pretty ways wrapped in coloured tissue paper or brown paper with a tag with your logo and contact details so the customer can reorder from you again.
The beauty of soap and candles is when you have them on a market people can smell the odour for themselves.This is exactly the type of business that started out as a hobby.
homemade lotion

Lotions and Potions
lots of people nowadays are very particular about what they put on their and their family’s skin so if you can make creams and lotions from natural ingredients these could sell well it may be an old family recipe you can find or research an olden lotion that works well.
Again presentation needs to be attractive and make sure you are allowed to produce items and are not violating state laws.

this could be anything from making toys or picture framing.
ideally producing things would work well rather than visiting someone to hang a door or fix something all of which could be complicated depending on your particular abilities. lots of people prefer traditional wooden toys but also making wooden items to complement today’s tech, charging stations, watch box, even speakers for your smartphones.

The internet and businesses are in demand for anyone who can perform graphic design items. from logos to packaging lots of work can be found if you register on work sites such as Members of craft clubs and people who sell homemade items will all have a need for business cards and sales literature.

Gift making and crafting
There are lots of people out there who decorate signs or glasses and bottles that are in demand for table dressings for weddings and parties, these are one of a kind items and can be beautiful. The list is endless and a search on the internet through stores like not-0n-the-high street or will highlight the many items that people are prepared to pay for. Try and make your items great quality and have your own designs.
There is a whole skill in selling online but beautiful items with good photographs should always find buyers.

Another hobby that can bring income by selling items you make from clothing to toys etc.some of the worlds top designers Christian Dior, Yves St Lauren, all started with sewing and making designs for fashion for sisters and family members a Great example of Hobbies turning into businesses.

lots of people sell clothes and items that they have knitted some made to order another search online will show you what people sell. Like sewing and any homemade items, there are various ways and places to sell keep trying other places until you find what is best for you.

Whether it be teaching a musical instrument of tutoring a special skill to someone can be very lucrative especially if you can teach more than one at a time. I met a lady who set up her diet club she had been involved all her life in various companies she then set up and charged everyone $5 per person and she had over 100 people in a one-hour long session that’s $500 dollars per hour, she only worked 2 hours per week.

Card Making
If you think about all the occasions that require a greetings card birthdays leaving work new job etc
then there are lots of opportunities to sell handmade cards and these can be made from your table top. People will pay for an original one-off card for that special person. With all these items remember if you would never ever buy a card or buy a candle that they are not for you, They are for your customers.

Cooking and Baking
Lots of people are so busy they do not have time to make meals and are willing to buy a homemade pie or meal. Lots of Cafes have local cooks and bakers to provide homemade food for their stores, again be aware of your state laws.

Celebration cakes birthday cakes are all in demand and if you have the skills or can learn them, to make custom designed cakes these can be great sellers and another form of income. If you don’t know what to charge ask another baker what they what they would charge to give you some idea. Keep Pictures of your work so you have something to show your cakes and give people ideas.This is a great example of a hobby that can be turned into a business.
birthday cake

Jewellery making
Another great hobby that you can make items to sell for profit. You can start with cheaper materials so your jewellery is not too expensive. The presentation is important and having lots of different items to sell when you find yourself selling more of one item then you can concentrate on your best selling items.

Blogging (website) building
If you have an interest or hobby or if you have knowledge about a subject why not write about it?
Share your knowledge and your passion there will probably be people out there that also share your interest and want to read about it. I have started a website about an illness I have had for over 35 years. I have experience and lots of tips that helped me get through it and I looked and read lots about it.
I recommend a free website building program called fIMP I have paid for a few website building courses before I found this totally free course and it is far better than courses I paid for.

the importance of research
Research is the key

In conclusion
I hope I have got you thinking about things that you can do to make some extra money. I have picked mainly indoor hobbies which are more suitable for anyone with limited mobility, and you do not have to be disabled you could be looking after the children or caring for someone, This site discriminates know-one.

Please contact me with question ideas or compliments or complaints and I hope to answer all your questions.

Selling books on Amazon

My First Disabled Business Idea Amazon bookselling

My most reliable small business Idea during my time of illness and infirmity has been selling used books on Amazon, a simple process of finding books, buying them, listing them waiting until they sold, and then posting them out to customers.

Amazon used book sales
Amazon used book sales

I had a few requirements and still do with any business I took on, these were specific to me and everyone will have differing needs, You must think it through carefully because you could waste lots of time and energy setting up the wrong thing where you have no chance of success.

I have a bad back (Ankylosing Spondylitis) which means I can get lots of pain that can keep me immobile at times so I cannot work in the business all the time. I also was having kidney dialysis three times a week which left me tired and unable to think clearly.

I needed a business I could turn off during times of long hospital stays and one that I could work on when I was feeling ok.
Amazon used-bookselling was the disabled business Idea that I chose.

choosing books

It sounds very easy and it is, once you have gone through the process a few times it gets easier and provides a great little-added income for doing some relatively simple things. The good thing is that if you become too ill to do this you can simply turn it off within a few seconds on your computer.

I managed to run this business with help when I was in the hospital and also when I was confined to bed.
As long as you have someone to find the books and take them to the post office you can do this when you are immobile.
person ill on sofa

First, you need to download the amazon app onto your smartphone or a mobile device this has a search facility that you use to scan the barcode on the back of the books. These are the ISBN codes this will bring up the used selling price of that book. If the barcode does not scan you can enter the 13 or 10 figure manually.

Depending on which country you are in Amazon customers pay a delivery charge to you, If your books are small and light you can actually make money because the actual postage price can be below the Amazon delivery price.

used book shop

Generally, books you find around the average home do not have much value. These are usually gardening books, recipes, DIY and most fiction books, paperbacks etc, the books that have a higher value are niche books, travel guides, books about a particular health problem etc usually the more diverse the better. These books can all be checked before you buy the book.
I usually try and find smaller paperback books (lighter less postage) any over $5-8 value. Through experience, I have found that the cheaper the books are on your shelves means you have to sell lots to make a good profit, I try to keep less stock of more expensive books.

library books

The best place I have found to buy your used books are library book sales its also a great place to look for other disabled business ideas.
I have a back problem and books are heavy so I invested in a foldable wheeled box that holds lots of books. This saves wear and tear on my back.
Charity shops are another good place to buy, and also Ebay, people sell their old text study books, you can see the titles so can price the books before you make a bid.
There are often collections of old or specialised magazines for sale, these are not really sold on Amazon but you can still earn with these I will cover this in another article.

Once you have the books home you need to list them on Amazon for sale, you will need to open an Amazon sellers account type in the ISBN code into the description and fill in the details.
Amazon its self-has videos of how to start an account there are lots of videos on youtube.
book sale

Amazon has guidance on the condition of the books and how to describe this, as a rule of thumb err on the side of caution. I always put the condition a little less than it is? Under describe, over deliver, and I have excellent seller ratings. If the book is excellent I will put very good then the buyer is not disappointed, as descriptions are very subjective.
condition of book
Usually library books have stickers etc inside I leave the sticker on but carefully take loose added pages out, look through the books to see if there has been and writing or underlining on the pages ,pencil marks can be erased carefully, any remaining marks or highlights, you must point this out in the book description.

Students often have lots of books to buy and even a water damaged or heavily highlighted book will sell as long as its readable and all the faults are listed honestly.

You then need a dry place to store the books preferably on a bookshelf for easy retrieval, I have mine in the garage in kitchen cupboards. You will need a supply of padded envelopes I use two sizes,G and E2 these seem to fit all.

Then its a matter of waiting for your orders, pop the book in the envelope and send it to the buyer, I send all my books second class but try to send the books as soon as I get the order, I have not had any complaints of late delivery to the contrary I get lots of early delivery compliments.
You must test your own postal service.
When Amazon has taken their cut your portion goes straight into your nominated bank account usually after a few weeks.
books on shelf
With around 400 good Priced books you should be able to earn $150 per month with little trouble. Often you find high-value books, In the past few days, I sold a $50 book that cost me 50cents.
This was a book about handmade middle eastern carpets. I have found boxes of books at auctions I paid $22 for the box for around 20 books and have sold around half for over $300.
batch of books

I’ve bought books in hospitals, church jumble sales, garage sales really anywhere. I did buy a huge collection but it had already been searched through and I did not find many good books. Try not to buy without checking the value first. and remember big heavy books will cost you more in postage so you must factor in this amount as it comes from your profit.

Amazon has a facility (fulfilled by Amazon) where you can pack your books, label them, and send them to Amazon for them to store and send out when you have a sale. I tried this but found the extra cost to be prohibitive for anything less than more expensive books.

The benefits of this Disabled business idea is you can buy your stock when you are having good days, and with a little assistance can still run your business on your bad days.
You can turn the business off when ill or away.
I hope you enjoyed this article any questions or ideas or feedback please get in touch.
Thank you.

Disabled Business Idea Selling on eBay

Selling on eBay is a great Disabled Business Idea for the Disabled make extra money as well as getting rid of some of your old stuff. And you will be amazed at what people will buy.
It is being used by the fully fit and by people with health challenges. It’s a system which you can source and list products at your own pace to fit in with your health or time requirements and wait for the sales to come.

There are people out there who buy all sorts of old broken stuff, they have the experience and skills to repair electronics, musical instruments, and even torn leather items.

I have bought things for very little and repaired them to great condition just using household items and viewing how-to videos on Youtube.

A friend wanted a leather sofa but he did not use the internet when I saw a great branded sofa with some cat claw marks on one arm I bought it for 1 cent the owners really just wanted it removing.

We managed to trim the leather down with a hair shaver then lightly sand it down and used shoe-polish to smooth out all the remaining marks.      The result was amazing and sits pride of place in his house.

An easy fix but no good for me as an ongoing business unless I had a truck and some muscle to lift up these heavy items it was beyond my physical abilities. You need to think and explore which business idea suits your particular disability or handicap. This goes for people like me with some physical problems and also for people with no physical ailment but maybe other limiting factors ie looking after children or caring for someone.

lots of things go for sale cheap locally because people cannot be bothered to pack and post items, so if you can pack them securely and are able to get them to the post office or get the courier to collect from you, you can make good profits as well as charging the buyer for the courier costs.

I was given an old vacuum cleaner that was not working very well after I gave it a thorough clean, filters etc it was perfect it sold and all the profit was mine.
Even items like a broken vacuum cleaner can be dismantled and you can list the parts separately this often makes even more money and profit.

The ideal item for me would be something small as this reduces the storage room and lowers the postage costs, and not something too heavy.

There may be something local to you that is free ie small pieces of driftwood used for modelling Or a manufacturer who sells off remnants cheap or for free. People buy all sorts of things for craft projects etc.

In the long run, the availability of stock is one of the decisive factors on what you sell.     If you have a steady source of products locally you can continually restock.
You can also buy in bulk from China but I have not done this, however, there are hundreds of courses and information online I intend to try this in the near future.

We have a recycle shop near to us which takes things thrown away and if they find anything good they will sell it to the general public at a fraction of the price.

One of my best buys was a Spanish flamenco guitar I bought for $10 and sold for $200 and an industrial carpet cleaning machine which again cost $10 and after spending $30 on some new parts and a good clean I managed to sell for $400.

I did have some experience in the carpet machine but again I found a lot of information online.

Do the research before you buy, look on your cell phone for the current prices and as long as you buy cheap enough you should make a profit.

When doing the research for one broken vacuum cleaner I found lots of used parts listed at good prices, I bought the item and listed the parts separately, I was in profit after the first sale.

When you list an item on eBay it is very important to show every defect in your images as people can be reluctant to pay the agreed amount if there is damage they did not know about.

Again there are lots of guides and tips about getting great lighting and framing your shots etc. Be careful when you take your pictures of what’s in the background a messy floor or a kitchen that is not tidy can put people off.

I was given a table that someone could not sell even at a low price, I advertised it by placing it in front of our beautiful log fire and set the table for the main shot with napkins and flowers the bidding was furious I’m sure it was because people got this great perception,

Just think would you buy a shirt hanging over the back of a door, or with it being modelled by a smart member of the family.

One great way to buy items is job-lots, people moving to another home or clearing out a relatives place etc, I have found books and magazines in fantastic condition this way.
Some of these take a long time to sell so be prepared that’s why I like small items as I have limited storage space.
Those of us with Health issues can earn money using some type of eBay disabled business idea, there is not a one size fits all solution, but if you think about what you can and cannot do you will find something I hope I have given you some ideas and inspiration.

Please let me know your ideas or issues you need to overcome or any comments and I will do my best to give any advice I can.