Disabled Business Idea Selling on eBay

Selling on eBay is a great Disabled Business Idea for the Disabled make extra money as well as getting rid of some of your old stuff. And you will be amazed at what people will buy.
It is being used by the fully fit and by people with health challenges. It’s a system which you can source and list products at your own pace to fit in with your health or time requirements and wait for the sales to come.

There are people out there who buy all sorts of old broken stuff, they have the experience and skills to repair electronics, musical instruments, and even torn leather items.

I have bought things for very little and repaired them to great condition just using household items and viewing how-to videos on Youtube.

A friend wanted a leather sofa but he did not use the internet when I saw a great branded sofa with some cat claw marks on one arm I bought it for 1 cent the owners really just wanted it removing.

We managed to trim the leather down with a hair shaver then lightly sand it down and used shoe-polish to smooth out all the remaining marks.      The result was amazing and sits pride of place in his house.

An easy fix but no good for me as an ongoing business unless I had a truck and some muscle to lift up these heavy items it was beyond my physical abilities. You need to think and explore which business idea suits your particular disability or handicap. This goes for people like me with some physical problems and also for people with no physical ailment but maybe other limiting factors ie looking after children or caring for someone.

lots of things go for sale cheap locally because people cannot be bothered to pack and post items, so if you can pack them securely and are able to get them to the post office or get the courier to collect from you, you can make good profits as well as charging the buyer for the courier costs.

I was given an old vacuum cleaner that was not working very well after I gave it a thorough clean, filters etc it was perfect it sold and all the profit was mine.
Even items like a broken vacuum cleaner can be dismantled and you can list the parts separately this often makes even more money and profit.

The ideal item for me would be something small as this reduces the storage room and lowers the postage costs, and not something too heavy.

There may be something local to you that is free ie small pieces of driftwood used for modelling Or a manufacturer who sells off remnants cheap or for free. People buy all sorts of things for craft projects etc.

In the long run, the availability of stock is one of the decisive factors on what you sell.     If you have a steady source of products locally you can continually restock.
You can also buy in bulk from China but I have not done this, however, there are hundreds of courses and information online I intend to try this in the near future.

We have a recycle shop near to us which takes things thrown away and if they find anything good they will sell it to the general public at a fraction of the price.

One of my best buys was a Spanish flamenco guitar I bought for $10 and sold for $200 and an industrial carpet cleaning machine which again cost $10 and after spending $30 on some new parts and a good clean I managed to sell for $400.

I did have some experience in the carpet machine but again I found a lot of information online.

Do the research before you buy, look on your cell phone for the current prices and as long as you buy cheap enough you should make a profit.

When doing the research for one broken vacuum cleaner I found lots of used parts listed at good prices, I bought the item and listed the parts separately, I was in profit after the first sale.

When you list an item on eBay it is very important to show every defect in your images as people can be reluctant to pay the agreed amount if there is damage they did not know about.

Again there are lots of guides and tips about getting great lighting and framing your shots etc. Be careful when you take your pictures of what’s in the background a messy floor or a kitchen that is not tidy can put people off.

I was given a table that someone could not sell even at a low price, I advertised it by placing it in front of our beautiful log fire and set the table for the main shot with napkins and flowers the bidding was furious I’m sure it was because people got this great perception,

Just think would you buy a shirt hanging over the back of a door, or with it being modelled by a smart member of the family.

One great way to buy items is job-lots, people moving to another home or clearing out a relatives place etc, I have found books and magazines in fantastic condition this way.
Some of these take a long time to sell so be prepared that’s why I like small items as I have limited storage space.
Those of us with Health issues can earn money using some type of eBay disabled business idea, there is not a one size fits all solution, but if you think about what you can and cannot do you will find something I hope I have given you some ideas and inspiration.

Please let me know your ideas or issues you need to overcome or any comments and I will do my best to give any advice I can.