Selling books and magazines on ebay

Selling books and magazines on eBay
I have an Amazon sellers account which is great but I find that it’s not the best for selling large books or magazines so the Marketplace I use for selling books and magazines is EBay, mainly because the amount of postage Amazon allow you is not enough when you have a large heavy book.
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When you find magazines for sale they don’t seem to be listed, or searched for on the Amazon site, so I find it a lot easier to list them on eBay.
You will find your books in the usual way as outlined in my Amazon book sales article from library sales, car boot sales, garage sales and charity or thrift shops, but also have a look at house clearance people they usually buy the whole house contents from people and sometimes cannot or do not want the bother of selling the books. Call them up go to their workplace. I found one guy who had a complete warehouse full of books he did not know what to do with,

Magazine sets are usually advertised on eBay, or anywhere you may find books, I have bought three large boxes of 40-year-old steam engine magazine that were being sold because the owner was moving home, I paid less than a dollar, also people sell large amounts when someone in the family has died, just keep checking out the classifieds.moving boxes

Most magazines are sold singularly on eBay and by searching you can find out the usual price of similar items. I sold the steam engine magazine for 3.99 each with free postage which worked out to be around 90c so nearly 3 dollars profit on each magazine.

Be careful and be aware, if you have lots of these listed on eBay and they don’t sell fast your eBay fees can very quickly get very high, in these cases it may be prudent to list the magazines in bulk in lots of 10 or a whole year 12 months packages, then you can sell 12 for the same listing price as for one.

I have also had boxes of magazines that did not sell very well, some specific car magazines, I gave away to a local car club.

When advertising on eBay, you get lots of free photographs. Take GOOD QUALITY pictures of the front cover and some of the better articles inside,
list these magazines with the magazine name and the date it was published, some people like the magazine of the month they were born or if it has a feature on a particular subject.

There are companies selling complete newspapers for every day of the year, going back years so you can get the headlines on the day you were born.

Recently for a 50-year-old birthday, I made a book of the newspaper headlines from every ten years of their life with the prices of cars houses shopping and beverages. It was interesting to see the rise in prices over the years. It was an excellent original present and was well received.

Once the magazines have been listed store them in a dry place in date order this makes it easy to find when your order comes through. then you have to find it place it in a padded envelope and send it to your customer.
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I like to sell oversize books on eBay because you can specify your postage charge on each individual item.
Its very time consuming to weigh and measure for the postage charge so make sure you put enough postage charge on the listing. I have found that if you incorporate the postage charge into the price and offer free delivery they seem to sell better.
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If you find that postal charge seems excessive remember to have in place alternative ways to send your goods such as a courier service.
I find the courier much more competitive price-wise with heavier items make sure they are packed well they can get some abuse on the journey.

When selling books on eBay I look for similar items to set my price against or use the Amazon used book price. keep an eye on ebays listing charges it may be prudent to go into a higher listing plan when you start to get lots of stock as it can work out cheaper.

Both Amazon and eBay are difficult to get in touch with if you have a problem .but if you describe your items honestly and if in doubt say it’s of lower quality so as not to disappoint your customers,.and send the orders out promptly you should have few problems.

Remember books can be heavy when you get a few, so if you’re on a buying trip take some kind of trolley on wheels to make the books easier to transport.

The clever thing about selling Magazines and books on EBay is when your in good health and your book is listed your just waiting for the order, even on your bad days the most you will have to do is find the book and post it, or have someone post it for you, if you feel you may be out of action for some time a few clicks will unlist your complete books until you turn them back on again.

You will need a PayPal account for accepting your payments and the payments are usually in your account as soon as the customer buys the mags or books.
I hope you have gained some insight from this article if you have any questions or suggestions please get in contact through the contact page and I will try and answer everyone.