Start a Business on a Shoestring Budget

A business of any kind is a huge undertaking for anyone, especially someone with a handicap or disability whatever that may be. If you are a stay at home mom or have to care for someone and are looking to start a business on the side.
Here are some ideas to reduce costs and Start a Business on a Shoestring Budget.

For me a major stumbling block to starting a business is getting the idea It has to be something I can manage, I don’t want to be standing around all day in the cold weather.
winter market worker

The next obstacle is getting the money to buy your equipment and pay for training etc, Here are a few ways to reduce costs so you can start a business on a shoestring budget.
used work tools

Whatever equipment you need you do not have to buy new! if you can borrow, hire or trade you can usually find a way to get your equipment. When I started my gardening business I could not afford a petrol mower so I borrowed neighbours on the understanding that I cut his front and back lawn.

After a couple of months, he said (keep the mower it’s yours)he loved the idea that he would not ever have to cut his grass again, and he became a customer.

We started borrowing tools, then bought secondhand when we needed them, asking gardeners for any old equipment.

Picking used equipment up from car boot sales and online auctions etc.
assorted tools

An inventive way I have used a few times is to approach someone in the same business and offer them a couple of free days work. This is beneficial because I get on the job supervised training and they get two days of free labour.

A couple of things to remember are,
Do not ask people who work near to your location who are likely to be your competitors they will not take kindly to losing work to you.
Turn up on time.
Always be polite.
let him deal with his customers.

When I started carpet cleaning I contacted a one-man operation over 50 miles away,
I asked if I could work with him, he was reluctant at first but I persuaded him by telling him to arrange it when he had a big day of work on and he could use my labour to his advantage.

carpet being cleaned

We arranged a time I turned up early and over coffee we chatted, I asked him questions about the job that I needed to know, We had a great day working together and he was very forthcoming with his knowledge (people like to talk about themselves).
He told me how he advertises and gets all his bookings, little tricks of the trade and ways to make sure you don’t over promise the outcome of a clean.

This advice was invaluable.
When we finished and got back to base he was showing me his equipment and I was asking a question (which equipment I needed etc) He then offered me some of his old equipment at a fantastic knockdown price.

This type of experience takes years to get and it gave me a great head start more valuable than some of the paid courses I went on.This is precicly the out of the box thinking you nedd to use to Start a business on a shoestring budget.

I did a similar thing again.
I have an old classic car that needed lots of welding I got a welder in for a quote for the job and it was too expensive, far beyond my budget I had to decline.

A few months later I decided I would try and learn to weld and do it myself, I looked around and could not find any welding courses in my area the little I learned online was just not enough.


I turned up at the welder’s shop of the guy that gave me the quote to have a look around and he was very busy preparing cars for resprays.
I asked him if I could work two days a week for free doing anything he wanted (it was mostly sanding down car bodies) in exchange that whenever he was welding I could look at what he was doing and he would teach me how to weld.It was a great deal for him and I got my free welding training.
I worked there for a few months and to be honest I learned to weld from the guy in the shop next door. But it was a win-win situation he got cars prepared double quick and I got my welding education.

A great way to get equipment is to find someone who repairs equipment they often have extras they are willing to sell for knockdown prices or learn how to repair it yourself.

I bought an old carpet cleaning machine that was broken and with help videos off the internet, I managed to get it working.
I cleaned it up and repaired the faults and saved myself lots of money.

Many professions or trades have online forums that you can join for free and ask questions. You are getting answers from experienced traders.
Join as many as you can (knowledge is power), these places are great for getting bargains and finding ways to make money. I found out that the carpet cleaning vacuum hoses are very expensive to buy can be substituted with swimming pool vacuum hose at a 1/4 of the price.

Any paperwork you need copying can be done in office supply stores,
With a little imagination and a few clever ideas, you can keep your costs down and start a business on a shoestring budget.
IF you have any further ideas or any suggestions or questions please get in touch through the contact form