14 Hobbies that you can turn into a Business

There is a saying. If you love your job you do not work a day in your life.

What a great saying and how true it is, from the fishing guide that takes people out marlin or bass fishing to the nature photographer.Lots of people have started with Hobbies that can turn into a business.

Many people in what I would call normal jobs also love their jobs.
So what a great idea to turn your hobby, what you enjoy doing ! into a business where you can earn money and supplement your income.
The first hobby that comes to mind would becandles

The basic start-up costs are not too expensive and the range of colours and odours you can make are limitless.
I don’t know anyone male or female that does not like the flicker of candlelight they are great presents and therefore can be great gifts to sell at local craft fairs or online in places like Etsy.com,or EBay

It can be done in the kitchen at home, as long as you are aware of the dangers of hot wax and any fire precautions.
soap making

Again is inexpensive to set up and you produce a product that everybody uses and likes to receive as a gift, There are some beautiful soaps out there infused with herbs and customised in all sorts of ways.
With any products like this, you have to present them in pretty ways wrapped in coloured tissue paper or brown paper with a tag with your logo and contact details so the customer can reorder from you again.
The beauty of soap and candles is when you have them on a market people can smell the odour for themselves.This is exactly the type of business that started out as a hobby.
homemade lotion

Lotions and Potions
lots of people nowadays are very particular about what they put on their and their family’s skin so if you can make creams and lotions from natural ingredients these could sell well it may be an old family recipe you can find or research an olden lotion that works well.
Again presentation needs to be attractive and make sure you are allowed to produce items and are not violating state laws.

this could be anything from making toys or picture framing.
ideally producing things would work well rather than visiting someone to hang a door or fix something all of which could be complicated depending on your particular abilities. lots of people prefer traditional wooden toys but also making wooden items to complement today’s tech, charging stations, watch box, even speakers for your smartphones.

The internet and businesses are in demand for anyone who can perform graphic design items. from logos to packaging lots of work can be found if you register on work sites such as Upwork.com. Members of craft clubs and people who sell homemade items will all have a need for business cards and sales literature.

Gift making and crafting
There are lots of people out there who decorate signs or glasses and bottles that are in demand for table dressings for weddings and parties, these are one of a kind items and can be beautiful. The list is endless and a search on the internet through stores like not-0n-the-high street or Etsy.com will highlight the many items that people are prepared to pay for. Try and make your items great quality and have your own designs.
There is a whole skill in selling online but beautiful items with good photographs should always find buyers.

Another hobby that can bring income by selling items you make from clothing to toys etc.some of the worlds top designers Christian Dior, Yves St Lauren, all started with sewing and making designs for fashion for sisters and family members a Great example of Hobbies turning into businesses.

lots of people sell clothes and items that they have knitted some made to order another search online will show you what people sell. Like sewing and any homemade items, there are various ways and places to sell keep trying other places until you find what is best for you.

Whether it be teaching a musical instrument of tutoring a special skill to someone can be very lucrative especially if you can teach more than one at a time. I met a lady who set up her diet club she had been involved all her life in various companies she then set up and charged everyone $5 per person and she had over 100 people in a one-hour long session that’s $500 dollars per hour, she only worked 2 hours per week.

Card Making
If you think about all the occasions that require a greetings card birthdays leaving work new job etc
then there are lots of opportunities to sell handmade cards and these can be made from your table top. People will pay for an original one-off card for that special person. With all these items remember if you would never ever buy a card or buy a candle that they are not for you, They are for your customers.

Cooking and Baking
Lots of people are so busy they do not have time to make meals and are willing to buy a homemade pie or meal. Lots of Cafes have local cooks and bakers to provide homemade food for their stores, again be aware of your state laws.

Celebration cakes birthday cakes are all in demand and if you have the skills or can learn them, to make custom designed cakes these can be great sellers and another form of income. If you don’t know what to charge ask another baker what they what they would charge to give you some idea. Keep Pictures of your work so you have something to show your cakes and give people ideas.This is a great example of a hobby that can be turned into a business.
birthday cake

Jewellery making
Another great hobby that you can make items to sell for profit. You can start with cheaper materials so your jewellery is not too expensive. The presentation is important and having lots of different items to sell when you find yourself selling more of one item then you can concentrate on your best selling items.

Blogging (website) building
If you have an interest or hobby or if you have knowledge about a subject why not write about it?
Share your knowledge and your passion there will probably be people out there that also share your interest and want to read about it. I have started a website about an illness I have had for over 35 years. I have experience and lots of tips that helped me get through it and I looked and read lots about it.
I recommend a free website building program called fIMP https://stoppingscams.com/FIMP I have paid for a few website building courses before I found this totally free course and it is far better than courses I paid for.

the importance of research
Research is the key

In conclusion
I hope I have got you thinking about things that you can do to make some extra money. I have picked mainly indoor hobbies which are more suitable for anyone with limited mobility, and you do not have to be disabled you could be looking after the children or caring for someone, This site discriminates know-one.

Please contact me with question ideas or compliments or complaints and I hope to answer all your questions.